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I know that you and your family will enjoy making many wonderful memories in this beautiful space! I'd love to hear some Heady Family music-making on one of the Papertrey videos sometime!


GORGEOUS!!!! Stunning!! Wonderful. So, quick question, how do you like your coffee maker? lol. I have a Tassimo but I am thinking of switching, that is a Keurig, right? I wish you and your family lots of happy memories in your wonderful home.

Beautiful beyond words!! I was so excited to see this post on my Google Dashboard - I think of you often and wonder how your new home is coming along. You've done a stellar job of decorating inside - love it all. I'm envious of your screened porch - I would love to be able to sit outside in the summer but there's just too many bugs. You must be so thankful for your home - it truly is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

Thank you for the tour Nichole. I've been hoping for an update. What a beautiful home! The view is gorgeous and I love the birds singing in the background. The screened porch is wonderful....I could go on and on! You truly are blessed to have a wonderful setting for you and David to raise your children. I wish you and your family years and years of happy memory building in your home on your beautiful property. It must be a dream come true!

Thank you so much for your tour of your new home. Everything is absolutely beautiful! The scenery and sounds of nature make this truly heaven on earth. Your furnishings and details of planning have come together is such a loving and thoughtful way. Love the photos of heritage and family memories. You will be able to add to the memory wall for a long time. Your attention to detail is so exciting. Love, love, love the kitchen sink, counter and window. It would make dishwashing almost majestic. Thank you again for sharing!!!!! May you and your family enjoy the blessings and tranquility of nature that is always in view!

Wow, this is beautiful! And we have the same piano! ;)

Custom building a home is such a monumental task. Looks like you came through it beautifully and it was a grand success! Everything is gorgeous and feels so very homey and comfortable. You and David have done a remarkable job. May you be blessed with many wonderful years together in this home and many happy memories for you and your children. God bless the Heady family... I* loved, loved, loved the tour. Makes me feel like I know you a little better and I am so happy for you!

It is just beautiful Nichole, just as we knew it would be...thank you for sharing!!!!

Your house turned out just beautiful! We are in the process of building our home (we, I mean my husband). It is fun, but can be so overwhelming. You living room and ours is very similar with how it is setup and how the stairs are open into it. I can now envision my own space a little more! Thanks so much for sharing! I love how you have incorporated such meaningful decor to your house!

LOVE IT !! thanks for sharing !

Nichole, color me unsurprised that your home is so tastefully done and warm and inviting. With you and David as its residents, I didn't expect anything else. :) Beautiful home and I pray God gives the Heady family many happy, healthy years there! God bless!

Wow! What an absolutely beautiful home you have! Thanks for sharing the pictures-- you have such a great style!

I have been checking frequently to see your update and I literally gasped when I saw that you had! Your home is absolutely gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!

Simply gorgeous Nicole! Thanks for the update. Certainly nothing as awesome as this in my future so it's nice to drool over your place! I love how homey it is and that you have so many special touches to keep it that way.

Nichole, you and your husband have done such a wonderful job in creating such a warm, inviting and beautiful home. I love all the crafstman details, and how you've managed to add lots of character - it would be easy to think it isn't a new build! What a beautiful property - my hubby does not find rural life appealing, but I miss the days I lived down a secluded dirt road! Anyway, the tour was lovely, but I particularly appreciated the closer look at your kitchen - your sink. We will be (hopefully) taking on a kitchen reno, and while we have a small space to work in, I love gathering ideas. We share a similar taste to you, and it's lovely to see the executed design (we have similar ideas to cabinetry and tile work). I can see you are in love with where you live - how lucky.

What a beautiful home! Absolutely gorgeous! The rooms you showed in the pictures above are just wonderful in style and color. I can imagine you love finally living there. So happy for you, Nichole.
/One happy PTI fan. =)

Thank you for sharing your personal space. It is really BEAUTIFUL. It is nice to see how much you really appreciate nature and all the beauty around. It pours out in your work.

Interior is superb.

Karen Greene

Wish you and your family a very happy life with so much love in your new house!

Congratulations on your beautiful home. You guys did an amazing job. Enjoy it:)

I love craftsman style and you have done it perfectly. All your touches make me want to move right in! (Count your blessings that I live far, far away!) So nice to see the finished product after all your planning and purchasing. I really have enjoyed all your posted photos from the beginning and hope for a bedrooms and ground floor tour in the future. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us!

It was so nice to discover this post today. My husband and I have been working on our own project for the past 15 1/2 months and are scheduled to get our final inspection the day after tomorrow. We took a 1950s ranch in a historic area where most houses were built between the late 1800s and 1920 and tore it down to the floor deck and foundation, added to the footprint and built it back up to a story and a half house that looks like it was built 100 years ago. This means we will move back into the house (we have been living on site in the carriage house)this weekend. Even though the house has an awesome kitchen and master suite, the room I can't wait to move into and use most is my creative studio. We too, will still have more to do to finish our project after we move in. Congrats on your project! It's a wonderful home!

Congratulations on your beautiful farm and home. It's so peaceful! I know all of you will enjoy this for many, many years. I can see your grands loving to come there for visits.
I love everything about it. I cannot believe how the children have grown. What fun playing those outdoor games, brought back memories.
Thanks for sharing everything to all of us from purchasing the farm and now enjoying your home. I cannot wait to see your studio. All of you are living your dreams and I am soo happy for you.
Until my personal tour, God Bless you, David and the children!
~ Sue P.

Thanks for sharing Nichole! Everything is beautiful just as I knew it would be! Can't wait to see the rest.

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