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Wow!I can finally understand the shape and the way it is going to end up.Absolutely amazing.I m in love with that view...Hugs and kisses

It's really taken shape, now. Beautiful. What a fun thing for you to do with the kids on Fridays.

I suggest that a landscape would probably add to the beautiful scene of the house. what a nice home you got.

Can you believe how beautiful everything is coming together? What a thrilling experience and oh, what a setting. The sky is so blue and each detail is so exciting! Thank you for sharing this amazing home with all of us.

Beautiful place to raise a family.

Wow! That's like a real house and everything! Does the roof just make you dance with anticipation? I know there's a lot more work to be done, but seeing it look like a house would just tickle me pink!

WOW! When is the estimated date of occupancy???

I have never seen a house go up so fast! When you stated that you will be in by Halloween or Thanksgiving, I did not think that was at all possible, but seeing your photos makes a believer out of me! What a beautiful home you are creating for your family!

Wow! Are your workmen on double time payments or something?! It would never happen that quick in the UK
xoxo Sioux

Things are moving along so quickly! I can see why you chose to place the house in that spot, it has a beautiful view. I bet the kids are excited too:)

Super excited for you!! I hadn't checked in since the beginning of the month...WOW...lots has happened! I'll bet you are bursting with excitement!

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