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Exciting times! I love your choices.

I can't believe how quickly this is coming along. I am just giddy for you. We built a couple years ago and it's a whole lot of fun plus a whole lot of work.

I loved the tour of your house and choices today! Looking forward to seeing it as it progresses! Thanks again for sharing your excitement with us!

Oh, I just love everything. Hannah will love that window seat - I had one in a home once and really loved it. Owen definitely has a gorgeous view. Love the simplicity of your cabinets - easy care. Oh, and the brick is wonderful. Thanks for the wonderful tour.

Wow its so exciting to be creating your new home. I love your choices in cabinets. They are almost identical in color and close in style to mine. I also have a butlers pantry and I did put in a section of overhead cabinets with the glass. I love it and I love showcasing some of my kitchen collectibles.
Great Minds ya know!!!


Oh God!I love everything!The stone is fantastic and the kitcen is totally my style.You must be really excited Nichole...Always happy for you, hugs and kisses from across the ocean

Wow! I'm sure it must seem slow to you, since you've waited so long for your dream house. But it seems like things are going up FAST! That's great! It's really neat for us to follow along and see the progress. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Nichole, it is humming right along...what a great tour you provide, stone, cabinets the house....thanks...it is so fun and will be imagining you in your new home whenever you post in the future!!!
How close are you to your present home?

So happy for you! Your choices are wonderful and it's so much fun sharing your excitement.

If I can make one suggestion, each time my husband & I built, we took tons of pictures of the details such as plumbing runs, electrical, special rafter or stud placements, etc. It's really helped over the years as we made modifications and/or repairs. You are at the stage to catch these shots now. It may sound silly, but it turned out to be very helpful to us over time. You think you'll remember these details, but once they're covered up, you forget real fast! Saved us several hundred $$$ in plumbing repairs just a few months ago because we were able to bypass an oddly run hot water line while hanging some new cabinets. Just a suggestion from an older, loyal fan.

I love all of your selections...simple, functional and lovely. Love the stone...it has a weathered, aged look and will blend beautifully with the setting. Your cabinets are timeless and the Butler's pantry would be terrific with some glass on the upper cabinets. Oh, how fun to see all of you decisions coming together. A real dream come true! Thanks for sharing every angle in the tour!

Oh, my heart is beating faster and faster! That is because...we are moving in a few months, and I want more than anything to build a house! We are about 15 years from retirement, and we have never gotten to build a home like we want. We have just settled for what we could find to buy; and only one of those was anything near what we liked! So...this is getting me very excited about the prospect of ME building MY dream home!!! :D
I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your choices. OF course I knew you had good taste...oh man, it is going to be SO gorgeous when it's all finished! I can't wait to see it then!!! My dad lives in east TN, and I may just have to come see you if I get over there to visit him sometime in the future!!! I would LOVE to visit Cedar Ridge in person! :D
Thanks for letting us see your choices...it's so fun to be part of the process. After all, we ARE helping to fund this dream home! haha Hurray for Paper Trey Ink! :D

Hey there,

Ilove what you have done with your place. Judging from the pictures, it already feels like home, even though it`s not finished yet. I like the style, and I especially like dry stacked Kentucky Ledge you used, it looks so real and as it already has some age on it like you said.If you are interested in buying ceiling fans for your house, I wrote an informative article on traditional ceiling fans
which fit almost any home, especially your type. Keep up the good work!

What magnificent vistas, they are breathtaking! I try to imagine what it will be like to see these everyday...Mmm mmmm. I LOVE the warmth and movement of the wood cabinets. I imagine the sun shining in on them durng the day just like the photo from 2006 that you saved. TFS.

I'm glad seeing this bruhgot you relief. I can not take credit for the tile choice. We did this tile on the floors, tub, & shower surround - my husband chose the tile. I'm so glad he did, because this is not what I would have chosen at all. I got to choose the cabinets, though, and the oil rubbed bronze hardware. We are thrilled with every choice we have made so far. I'm so excited! Have I mentioned that already?

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