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Ohhhhh, how exciting - so glad you are having a daylight "basement" - that's what we did when we built our house and it's so bright and cheerful that you don't even know you're in a basement!

Nichole---how exciting! We have never built a home, but I remember my parents building their home---before digital photography---they would go to their new house everyday, take a whole roll of film and then drop it off at a one hour photo place. Every week I'd get THAT week's pictures in the mail----technology is SO AMAZING! The fact that you can take pictures and put them up within minutes is so cool! Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us----especially during release time---WOW!!! (Sorry for the book---!)

How very exciting for you! It's really beginning to take shape.

Nichole--what an exciting time for you and your family. And thanks for taking us along on this journey with you. I love the pictures/narrative and watching the progress from the ground up. I look forward to seeing your dream unfold.

How quickly it all comes together! Thank you for allowing us a peek of your beautiful property and soon-to-be new homestead!

Oh, how fantastic for you and your family. We all dream dreams, but few actually get to live them. Congrats!!! I love the updates and pretending what I would do with the spaces if they were mine. :)

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