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Thank you for the opportunity to "watch" with you!!!

Nichole (and family), I'm so happy for you to be at this point in your house. What a thrill it must be to see it all begin----thanks for sharing it---and I'm so happy for your children to have this blog to come to when they are older and maybe even building their own houses---what a treasure!

I can't believe how far it's come!! If we "can't wait" to see the end product, then you must be dying of anticipation!

Very exciting for all of you! Love watching the progress of your home. You are so sweet to share it.

Looks like a dream come true...I just love the setting of your home. Some day I'll move out to a home with lots of big trees and wide open spaces. Great idea to plan ahead with the storm shelter...I hope it won't see much use, but at least it will be there.

Omg!!!What a progress!I am trully happy for you and your family.I hope i will move in a house like that one, some day...I can t wait to see it finished! Thank you for sharing

A beautiful sight, I wouldn't mind being "all blocked in" and then I would come out when they started finishing the first floor! TFS.

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