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Very happy for all of you. Absolutely wonderful home and I know you will make it a warm and beautiful place, Nichole.


Wow...what beautiful plans...it's all been thought out so perfectly...there's a space for everything...! Just a question...do you not want to have windows on both walls of your kitchen? There are no windows looking out of that side of the house from that whole joined living area...is this on purpose because of the position of the building on the land? Just wondered was all! It looks beautiful and you must be jumping out of your skin with excitement...NOT long now!!! :)

Love the plans! I am with you on the screened in porch. We just re-built our cottage after a fire and have a screened in porch going around two sides as most of us fight for the futons/daybeds to sleep out there at night!
Looking forward to seeing more pix.


That is perfect! Very much like some plans that I fell in love with, maybe for our next house! We have very similar taste, we have the stacked ston on our current house and I love craftsman style :)

Looks simply amazing! How very exciting for you and your family!

What a beautiful home. Thank you so much for sharing the plans and your wonderful journey. I can't wait to see pictures of the progress when the ground breaking day is here. Thanks again for taking us along on your journey.

Oh how fun, NIchole! House plans are so fun to look at and try to imagine... Just one thought I have looking at it. I understand it might be important to have the garage attached to the house, but I encourage you to make that garage look like it is house, not obvious garage, kwim? I can see there are matching mullions on the one window, but there is a lot of empty space on either side. My only other thought is- is there no fireplace or chimney? lol, that may be a fine choice! Hope it is ok to send you some thoughts!

This is so very exciting. My husband and I just did the same thing. We moved in 3 weeks ago. The build took 18 weeks and we documented every inch of it on our family blog zerbetimes.blogspot.com
Our family and friends loved watching it go up as much as we did.
Best wishes!

How exciting, Nichole - I know you are so happy. I love to look at house plans and yours are gorgeous. Can't wait to see photos as it comes together. What will be in the music room?

Just awesome Nichole:) we are building our dream home atm too - just had the land settle it's titles on Mon, so have been eagerly watching this space as it's all so exciting. We are building high up on a ridge called prospects rise in a place called Settlers Hills south of Perth, Australia. Don't you just love the names and our street is Mountain Cove:) Wow I just read above one lady took 18 weeks to build, here in oz it will take 9months minimum!! Have fun and will keep watching:)

Thank you for sharing your plans and dreams of your new home. Truly, a well planned and comfortable home. I can only imagine the views, great outdoors and the pure joy that you will all share in this home. I hope that everything in the paperwork goes through quickly and that you will be living your dream very soon. I am very excited for you all.

Looks like things are coming along nicely! I love the Craftsman style! Big hugs!!

Your new home looks lovely. I'd like to be the lucky owner of the home your in now, that craft room is divine!!!

I love it - I can't believe I haven't checked this yet! Can't wait to see the completed project - what a lovely place! When can we come over??!

Your plans look beautiful! How exciting!

I know this isn’t standard procedure, but I have had difficulty (trying since February) reaching you through emails on the Papertrey Ink website as well as through the mail to the address provided on that same website. Is there anyway you could contact me at the email address provided with a way that I could get in touch with you that would be most convenient for you? I would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time...thank you!

Oh my GOODNESS!!! I have devoured your floor plans. Anything regarding a house makes me very HAPPY, and I am sooooooo happy for you, David, and the children. I have good vision for things in the planning stage and this is very exciting, Nichole. All the best.

God bless,

Juanita in Ohio

Very nice!! I look forward to seeing the progress on your dream home.

This is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share. . .can't wait to watch it all come together. . .if you're planning on blogging for years and years that is :) Enjoy all the steps in this dream.

Very pretty!! Have you broke ground yet?

I can't believe I'm just seeing this post now. Your house plans are stunning - I love everything about them. DH and I have built two houses and the one we're in now has lots of similar features to ours - right down to the light tan CertainTeed shakes and stone fireplace. :) Good luck with everything. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

This plan looks amazing! It's the perfect house!

I just saw this tonight, Aug. 15th! It's just perfect, I'm SO happy for you!
The progress looks great, too...the pictures are fascinating! They are REALLY moving along with the construction! That is fantastic. I hope it's done QUICKLY!!! I know you can't wait to get into it. It will be SO much fun for ALL of you. What a beautiful home, for a beautiful family! :D BIG HUGS!

PERFECT! what more to describe that amazing and beautiful home of yours. congratulations for it. Its really an achievement.

Pleasant to read this blog and so much information that you have shared with us. This will be a great resource for us. We are lucky we find your site and read your articles. Once again, thank you so much.

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