Honorable Mentions

Our most recent round of Guest Star Stamper contest has concluded, and the entires we had this month were AMAZING!  As always, it was so difficult to choose!  In the end two deserving prize winners were chosen and I am happy to introduce them to you!

Niki Estes won for "Best Use of Patterned Paper".  Besides the overall beauty of her project, I loved the way she utilized the circular characteristics found in the Everyday Blessings paper to punch out her flower centers.  I think this is something that all of us can try to incorporate into our projects today!  I also loved the way she was able to pair these two patterns together without them overwhelming the project.  Everything melds perfectly and effortlessly!  Great job, Niki!

Penny Hajiantoni won for "Best Use of Stamps".  There were many unique characteristics with her project that really caught my eye.  Her treatment of the transparency was stunning.  By heat embossing her dot outline images followed by some perfectly placed glitter, she ended up with a show stopping effect.  I was also impressed with her ribbon rosettes.  You could get so many looks with this technique paired with the various types of ribbon we carry.  Wonderful job, Penny!

As always, we receive SO many wonderful entries, I just had to share a few other with you that I found particular inspiring!  I hope you gain inspiration from them too!

Women_of_life_julie_cameron_2 Julie Cameron created this gorgeous project while recycling some of the packaging that arrives with her monthly Papertrey Ink package!  She utilized the thank you note & box band!  She added some images from Women of Life to complete the project.  Not only is it a stunning project, it's also earth friendly!!!

Danavee_bracelet_2 Dana Vitek really took her project to the next level by creating this stunning bracelet.  She utilized Shapes by Design & polyshrink to create these amazing charms.  The copper ink paired with the turquoise ink is just stunning.  In fact, this project looked so good, it took me a few minutes to figure out that she made it rather than purchasing it from a boutique!

Chalk_egg_box_2 Kirsten DuBosque came up with this fun idea when she stumbled across chalk eggs during a recent shopping excursion.  She painted one of our exclusive egg boxes with chalkboard paint (available at almost any home improvement store).  She was thrilled with the idea of providing a storage box for the chalk and a canvas to use it, all in one.  How fun for a child to be able to decorate their box over and over again!  Ia m certainly going to be making these for my own children this year!!!

Peeps_box_2 Kirsten also made this adorable peep box.  I love how well the concept worked with the label stamp from Just Hatched.  It is such an easy to mass produce idea, I look forward to possibly making these for my children's classmates this year.  here are so many ways to customize it with different colors and ribbons!

Charlene_austin_2 Charlene Austin made this beautiful piece of art.  I love how she was able to use the ribbons not just as an embellishment, but rather as a focal point.  It also looks like it was probably a lot of fun too!  I am anxious to make a project like this myself!

Jennifer_buck_2 Jennifer Buck created this colorful project that brings back an old technique.  By stamping the polka dots in Versamark on black cardstock, she was able to go back in with various colors of chalk to get this amazing effect.  I love the idea of this and think it really opens a lot of design possibilities.

Coach_egg_box_2 Julia Aston created the fun project that you could use for the coach in your child' life or adapt for another sport's loving male figure you know.  The green grass paper used on the bottom portion of the box paired with those adorable sports ball eggs really makes a statement!

Shapes_by_design_frame_hmj_2 Heather Jackman wowed me with this amazing frame she customized with Shapes By Design.  It has such a sleek modern look to it, just awesome!!!!  I loved how she repeated the red color pop created with the flower by inking the last word of the sentiment in red as well.  I am going to keep this project on file to use for wedding & anniversary gifts!!!

Just_hatched_baby_bib_project_reg_3 Last but not least, Regan D'Agostino created this adorable baby bib card.  I fell in love with the simplicity of it, and it is just so sophisticated.  To me, it looks like a card you might purchase at an expensive boutique!  The pairing of Polka Dot Basics and Just Hatched were the perfect compliment to her design.  these would also be adorable for baby announcements & shower inviations!

The next round of Guest Star stamper in now in full swing!  Could it be you?!?!  We will now be accepting all entries via our customer gallery online.  we will no longer be accepting submissions via email.  The reason we are making this change is to benefit everyone in the end.  It has always been difficult to not showcase every entry we recieve.  Now with all of the entries uploaded to our gallery, we can give each of them a spot on the stage, whether they are the winning entry or not.

We will be naming three winners this month:
-Best Birthday Project (utilizing It's a Celebration and/or Birthday Basics)
-Best Wedding Project (utlizing Wedding Day, Favor It Weddings and/or Boxes, Bags & Tags)
-Best Use of Pink Patterns Collection

Entries are due by April 13th, so be sure to get started as soon as your stamps arrive!

Once you have your entries prepared, please take the following steps to submit them for the contest!  (Please note that you need to be a registered member of our website in order to upload.  you can do so HERE if you haven't already!)
1.  Click on the "gallery2" link at the top of the forum, next to the FAQ link.
2.  Click on the Guest Star Stamper Logo for April Submissions
3.  On the left side, click the link for Add Album
4.  Enter your information for your submission
5. When you create your album you need to modify the permissions to remove the "registered users" group's ability to view the album.  Just three quick steps needed!

-In the left hand column, you should see a spot that says edit permissions.
-Click on it and go down to group permissions.
-Remove all but yourself and site administrators.

That should make it so that no one but you and the admins can see what is in your album.  We want the entries to be invisible to everyone but you to keep a level playing field and prevent any copying and resubmitting.  Rick will be checking it daily to make sure folks do not have that option enabled

6.  Go into that album and create albums for each of your submissions
7.  Go into each of those albums and upload your photos using the "add item" link on the left side.

I will go into those folders the day before the release and choose the winners....once the winner is picked Rick will make all of the submissions viewable by everyone as he did this month.  Should you have any questions about uploading your submissions, please feel free to email Rick at customer service and he will be more than happy to help you!

I look forward to seeing your submissions!  Best of luck with this month's contest!!!

Honorable Mention!

Julie_cameron_2 I loved Julie Cameron's layout and thought it was so unique (it would make a great sketch!).  With long vertical stamps, like the branch in Out on a Limb, it is sometimes difficult to break out of a few standard designs.  Julie's was fresh and I loved her color scheme too!

Katie_renz Katie Renz did some creative work with embroidery floss on her project.  The popular "french knot" from ages ago made the perfect flower buds in celebration of spring.  I thought this was such an incredible combination of papercrafts and needlework.

Julieann_wells Julie-Ann Wells decided to create a family tree with her Out on a Limb set.  She says that it took a lot of stamping, but she is anxious to get it properly framed and displayed in her home.  So creative!

Tracey_cuccia I love the way that Tracey Cuccia integrated a photograph with the quote in her project.  This would be such a meaningful project for someone to receive from a child!

Jennifer_cozzens_2 Jennifer Cozzens went all out and created a calendar.  Not only did she utilize Out on a Limb, but she combined several other Papertrey sets such as Faux Ribbon (calendar gridlines), Sweet Love (center label) and Ambassador Mongram Edition (numbers).   What a wonderful way to display hand-stamped art in your home year round!

Cheryl_knutti Cheryl Knutti created this really pretty "olive" paper.  She was also able to utilize the dove from "Believe" to compliment her project.  Gotta love this one because it focuses on my favorite color, green!

Niki_estes Niki Estes created this clever baby carriage from the Nestabilities circle dies paired with a few snips with scissors.  All of her patterns were stamped with various Papertrey stamps.   I love how she was able to mat the sentiment several times with the Nestabilities rectangle.

Charlene_austinCharlene Austin jazzed up regular patterned paper with Mixed Messages.  She suggested that with the variety of words in this set, you could customize paper like this for almost any occasion.

Elizebeth_neumann Elizebeth Neumann made these SUPER adorable baby diaper bags to hold nuggets!  The itty bitty sentiments from Mixed Messages were the perfect scale to add an accent to the bag and to the centers of the nugget labels.


Thanks so much to everyone for their amazing submissions!  It was a difficult choice this month!  Because it was so difficult, I am offering up a Stamper's Choice award!  Please be sure and "vote" for your favorite honorable mention project above.  The project with the most votes wins!  The winner will receive a free stamp set of their choice.  I will announce the winner here on Tuesday, February 19th.  I look forward to hearing your comments!

Honorable Mentions

It is always interesting to see which stamp sets get the most submissions during any particular Guest Star Stamper Contest.  We had three sets we were accepting entries for this go around; My Punny Valentine, Sweet Love & Limitless Labels.  Sweet Love had the most entries by a landslide!  These submissions actually help us to gage what types of set might be popular in th e future, so we found this conclusion fascinating!!!

Because there were three sets in question this month, there are three winners!  Let me introduce the talented artists behind the designs!

My Punny Valentine

Charlene Austin had the winning entry for My Punny Valentine.  She made an adorable card using several elements from this set (you can go HERE to see the project in our gallery).  One of my favorite details of her project was the way she incorporated a heart rhinestone into the embossing at the bottom of her focal point.  Since the rhinestone is the same color as the project, it doesn't steal the show from the squirrel.  But at the same time that touch of sparkle really adds a special look to her project.  I also love the way she added pops of color by utilizing the grass and varied hearts from the set.  Way to go, Charlene!!!

Sweet Love

Julie-Ann Wells created an amazing ensemble using Sweet Love (you can go HERE to see her winning entry).  The aspect that caught my attention the most was the fact that she put five treat-size candy bars in the nugget tin!  And they way she decorated those bars just made my head spin.  She repeated a text stamp from the set in black ink to create patterned paper. Then she added the same sentiment in red in the center of the wrapper.  So graphic, modern classy & unique all at the same time!  She also made oval shaped cards and tent packaging for additional chocolate.  Everything came together so beautifully!  You should be so proud, Julie-Ann!

Limitless Labels

Margie Meyers really wowed me with her innovative use of Limitless Labels.  She altered cigar box to welcome a new baby boy to the world, complete with "cigars" that feature bands made with the stamp set.  The particular shades of blue & yellow she chose for her project just set the tone so nicely.  Any new parents wouldn't be anything but thrilled to receive something like this as a gift! (You can get view the project for yourself HERE!) A standing ovation for Margie!!!

Now onto the Honorable Mentions!

I thought we would do something a little different this month!  How about we offer up a

Stamper's Choice Award

Vote for your favorite project included in the honorable mentions below by posting your choice in the comments section.  Whomever gets the most votes wins a FREE stamp set of their choice from Papertrey Ink!  The final tally will conclude at 10am (EST) Friday, 01/18/08.  The winner will be announced here soon after. Best of luck to the talented ladies below!

(By the way, did you know that always I archive previous Honorable Mentions to the left under the heading "Passion for Papertrey"?  Go check it out!)

Elizebeth_neumann_3First up is Elizebeth Neumann.  She created this "pie charm" & recipe box ensemble using the pie image from My Punny Valentine.  I just adored the patterned paper she created to cover the recipe box.  Such a fun color scheme!  Notice the little recipe cards she created to tuck inside the box that coordinate.I thought this was a wonderful gift idea for a new neighbor or a newly married bride!

Jennifer_kirkJennifer Kirk made this adorable baby brag book.  She die-cut the body of the sheep from felt to give it an element of reality.  I am sure the texture is amazing in real life!  I loved the pretty paper she picked to compliment her baby boy theme.  A very simple project that cold be easily replicated as a special gift for a new mom!

Jackie_ohlmann_2  Jackie Ohlmann made this adorable card with our punny squirrel image.  I thought that the way she added flock to his belly & tail was so clever.  Imagine the delight a child would feel receiving a card like this!  She incorporated the squirrel with the branch from our Take a Bough set.  The two images made a perfect pair!

Charmaine_ikach_2  Charmaine Ikach really looked outside the box to create the focal image for this project.  You will never guess!  She inverted the pie crust and pie plate to create a terracotta plate garden.  It reminds me of the wheat grass that everyone loves to decorate with!  What a fun card for a gardening enthusiast!

Lexi_daly_2  Lexi Daly was really able to create a coordinated package with her use of My Punny Valentine & Limitless Labels together.  I fell in love with her color scheme.  The soft caramel color paired with the pastel pink and then followed by the pop of red just really appealed to me.  Lexi was also able to echo the red polka dot ribbon on her nugget labels with the polka dot band stamp that is in the set.  Just fantastic!  Be sure to check out this additional project on Lexi's blog.  She created the sheep with a unique point of view and I just LOVE it!

Barb_schramBarb Schram created this creative key card with Sweet Love.  Shaped cards always get a lot of attentions since they are outside the norm.  She specially sized the key to coordinate with oval label stamp.  The ribbon & key charm added to the end really bring this project to the next level!

Dana_vitek_2 Dana Vitek created this festive earrings for the upcoming holiday using polyshrink.  These particular images shrink down to such an appropriate earring size.  They are a subtle way to show someone that you care!  What a fabulous use for these stamps!

Kacey_elliottI loved the simplicity of Kacey Elliott's project.  The three hearts hanging from hemp twine almost has a homespun feel rather than the elegance that is portrayed in many other projects that we received.  Her project embodies what I always try to achieve when I create my images.  The ability to give you, the artist, control of the style emulated by the stamps, by keeping the images neutral enough to suit your purpose.  Way to go, Kacey!

Niki_estes_3I loved this entry from Niki Estes.  The bold contrast of baby pink & black is always so striking.  I loved the custom patterned paper she created with a unique combination of images found in the Sweet Love set.  The heart paired with the pretty pink stitched band really finished everything off nicely!

Becky_oehlers_2  Becky Oehlers found a unique use for the boxes our stamp sets arrive in!  She paired a few choice Valentine images with the alteration of the box to create a festive gift presentation!  I love how she covered the Dove Chocolate Hearts with our scrolled heart image.  And to think that most people just throw their boxes away!

Mary_ashbyMary Ashby made this beautiful Valentine.  I loved the way she used the scrolled label stamp as a background to her heart charm.  (you can click on the photo for a larger view)  It really helps to draw your eye to that main focal point.  I also loved the way she stamped her sentiment on the ribbon.  It just says "boutique" to me!!!

Barb_schram_airplane Barb Schram was at it again!  She made these ADORABLE airplanes using Smarties, life savers & sticks of gum paired with a rubber band to hold it all together.  The label images from Limitless Labels fit perfectly on the gum.  This project would be something adorable to do for your little guy's classmates.  I am sure he would even love to help construct them!

Bridget_dickinson Bridget Dickinson created this adorable basket purely from paper.  She created small wrappers for Strawberry Creme Savers by pairing Limitless Labels with the small strawberry from My Punny Valentine.  It made for such an adorable presentation.  It would be something wonderful to create to display in your own home or use as a special gift!

So there you have it!  Now, don't forget that the next round of Guest Star Stamper is underway!  We are now accepting entries using either of our latest stamp sets, Out on a Limb or Mixed Messages. I look forward to seeing all of your entries!

Honorable Mention

As many of you may or may not know, each month we hold our Guest Star Stamper Contest.  With this contest we accept entries from stampers just like you, using our latest sets.  We receive hundreds of submissions each month and have to pick only one winner per category!  We just couldn't allow some of the other amazing projects go without mention, so I have picked a few of my favorites to share with you! (And if you would like to see all of our previous month's Honorable Mentions, you can find them HERE!) But first, the winners!

Jackie Ohlmann really caught my eye with her elegant card using Spiral Bouquet.  I loved the way she utilized Liquid Pearls throughout her project to echo the brads in the upper right-hand corner.  The actual design of the project is clever as well, and something that could be definitely reproduced in a sketch to be used for other projects!  I thought that her color scheme was really unique as well.  I definitely would not have thought to put them together, but now that I have seen it, I think I might give it a try! Congratulations, Jackie!

Barbara Schram created this beautiful matching desk set.  I loved the way that she even altered the tape dispenser to match!  Everything is just so classy!  Look at how she create a divider for the tin.  So clever!  One of the reasons I picked this project as a winner was because it is such a great gift idea for those that "have it all".  I can visualize a pretty gift basket containing Barbara's items along with a package of monogrammed stationery or cards.  Thanks for sharing this project with us, Barbara!

Now for our Honorable Mentions!!!

Sharon_harnist_christmas_cracker_3Sharon Harnist made this elegant yet simple Christmas Cracker.  She offers a complete tutorial on her blog with step-by step directions on how to create your very own version!  You could make these to coordinate with your holiday decor or your heirloom china!  What a fun way to add a festive touch to your family meals this time of year!

Lexi_daly_ribbon_bookmark_2Lexi Daly got my mind turning with this monogrammed ribbon bookmark.  It is incredibly simple, which makes it the perfect last minute gift.  Pair it with a new literary selection or a gift card to your local bookstore for a thoughtful ensemble!  With the hundreds of ribbon selections available, you can make a bookmark to suit just about anyone's style and personality!

Carolyn_king_journal_2Carolyn King came up with another simple gift idea.  She created this pretty book band for the cover of a journal.  The band becomes the perfect backdrop to ground the custom monogram.  She also made a matching book mark.  It is a beautiful example of how you can take something ordinary and make it extraordinary!

Charmaine_ikach_monogram_card_set_2Charmaine Ikach made this boxed set of monogrammed notecards.  If you click on the image to get a larger view, you will see the clever way that she masked the embossed monogram focal point on the notecards and added the floral accents over it.  Such a beautiful way to add detail to a one layer card!

Joanne_basile_monogrammed_card_se_3 Joanne Basile created a monogrammed card set too, this time packaged in a custom little tote.  I really loved the way she incorporated her Spiral Bouquet paper into strips used on th card fronts.  It brings everything together so nicely, without being overpowering.

Niki_estes_spiral_bouquet_card_2  Niki Estes made me smile with this cheerful card.  With a combination of flower centers from our Paper Tray set and stripes from Faux Ribbon, the handmade patterned papers really unite her color scheme.  Little glass dew drops added to the centers of the focal point flowers provide such a nice finishing detail.

Elizebeth_neumann_pendant Elizebeth Neumann looked outside of the box when creating this pendant.  The simplicity of it's design is something that could coordinate with a variety of clothing choices.  Elizebeth will be  offering up a tutorial on how to make these pendents soon, so be sure to keep an eye on her blog for her future postings!

Bridget_dickinson_star_card_3 Bridget Dickenson made me look at the leaf image from Spiral Bouquet in a whole new light!  By stamping several together she was able to create a flourished five-pointed star!  She combined her newfound image with the "star light, star bright" sentiment from Take a Bough.  What a fun way to utilize this set!

Paula_williamson_painted_leaves_2Paula Williamson literally took my breath away with the manner in which she added color to the leaves in her hand-stamped paper.  The graduated green color added to them on top of the blue paper is a magical, eye-catching combination.  Paired with a great card design, this project is sure to be cased by many!!!

Lauren_meader_vellum_card_holder_2Lauren Meader made this pretty card set complete with a vellum case.  If you stop by THIS post on her blog, she provides a template & directions on how to make the box she designed!  I loved her color scheme and the way she layered the different sizes of the solid flower on top of one another.

Our next contest is now open for submissions!  We are accepting entries for the following categories:

-Limitless Labels

-Sweet Love

-My Punny Valentine & Year-Round Puns

I look forward to seeing all of your amazing entries!

Honorable Mention

This month's Guest Star Stamper Contest was especially difficult to judge.  I got over 450 submissions for Piece of Cake and another 400 for Snowflake Serenade!  I ended up sorting the submissions DAILY, just so I could keep up!

If you haven't seen the winning projects from this month, then you MUST stop by the Ink Pad to take a peek!

Lauren Meader did the most amazing project with Piece of Cake.  It got a verbal "oohhhhh" from me while I was sorting through all of the competition!  I think there are a couple reasons that I loved it so much.  The colors are fantastic.  Reminds me of a boutique in Paris.  And most of all, I loved how well her background tied in with the focal point image.  It is such a fantastic use of Beautiful Blooms as a companion set.  I love the details of the liquid pearl applied to the centers of each flower on the cake.  I love the way she tied a bow with the satin ribbon rather then just knotting it.  I just identify with it...with all of it.  If you haven't seen Lauren's work before, I highly recommend stopping by her blog.  Not only is she super-talented, she also has a big heart.

Next up is Jillian Winters.  Her Snowflake Serenade project had so many unique attributes compared to others that submitted to the same category.  Her use of the acetate was brilliant.  The snowflakes seem to be falling gently from the sky.  Matting the focal point so it appears to be "floating" really accentuates the snow as well.  Her color choices were perfect for the theme of the project too!  (Brrrrrrr!!!)  The way she incorporated the Nestabilities was really clever as well.  The addition of the scallops really adds a special touch.  Jillian's taste is classic with a little trendiness thrown in for good measure.  I assure you, if you take a peek at her work on her blog, you will find inspiration surrounds you!

As I do every month, there are always several projects that are too fabulous to NOT mention.  Here are the official Honorable Mentions from this month's contest!

Barb_schram_2Barb Schram made this beautiful creation with Piece of Cake.  She stamped the cake and "glitterfied" it.  Then added a layer of acetate over it.  She was then able to add the flower accents without any worries about the ink interfering with the texture of the glitter mixing.  To attach the acetate without any visible adhesive, she used brads and our velvet flowers.  I love how the velvet flowers fit right in and add so much detail to the project.  Great job, Barb!

Lexi_daly_2Lexi Daly said that she couldn't wait to "set the table" when she discovered that a scalloped oval punch creates a perfect plate for the slice of cake!  I love how she used Faux Ribbon to add the details across the bottom of the card and how they integrate with the sentiment.  SOOOOO cute!!!

Carolyn_kingCarolyn King had the most ADORABLE idea!  She created a little tag for this gift bag by stamping the slice of cake so the edge was aligned with the fold in a plain white card.  She then trimmed around the cake, creating a super-cute gift card!  I just love the way that turned out!  She really went the extra mile with the way she embellished the bag as well!

Becky_oehlersBecky Oehlers went above and beyond with this ensemble she created.  She went as far as having an actual cake made to coordinate with the stamp set!  She created a cake band along with matching placecards & napkins!  This is one party I would have liked to attend!  The napkins are so cute, I don't think I would have had the heart to use them!

Julie_campbellJulie Campbell made this really fun & bright version of a cake card.  I thought it was SO kid-friendly, especially as something you could mass-produce and have on hand for all those parties your kids are invited to!  I loved the color scheme.  It is so cheerful and happy, which is what we ALL want to communicate with a birthday card!

Jen_del_muro_3Jen Del Muro did a fun alteration of one of our clear card boxes.  I loved the unique color scheme for this wintery project.   I also thought that it was a wonderful way to package up all those holiday goodies that everyone makes this time of year.  So clever, Jen!!!!

Jen_del_muro_cards_2Jen also made these cards.  I loved how well the snowflake images coordinated with the Cuttlebug embossing folder.  Plus, the projects were nice & clean.....and simple.  I think anyone could mass-produce these gorgeous designs in no time flat for their own cards this year.  Such an inspiration! 

Melanie_muenchingerMelanie Muenchinger created the most stunning background paper with the words from Snowflake Serenade.  I just loved the look of this and thought it was so creative.  (I'm quite partial to green as well!) The small rhinestone detail on the snowflake tag is a nice touch as well!

So, do you want to have YOUR chance to be the next Guest Star Stamper?  We are now accepting entries for the following categories:

Spiral Bouquet

Monogrammed Projects (using Trajan or Ambassador)

All of the details of the contest can be seen here.  I look forward to seeing your submissions!!!

Liles Vials

102807_susan_liles_vial_topsSusan Liles came up with this super cute idea that I just had to share with all of you!  She filled these vials with Jelly Belly Lemon-Lime Jelly Beans.  She discoverd that the circular star stamp from Spooky Sweets fits PERFECTLY on top of the corks!  She stamped those using Noir Palette ink.  I just love the way that looks!

102807_susan_liles_vialsTo decorate the fronts of the vials, she used the nugget label stamp, topped with a skull sticker from Martha Stewart (they even glow in the dark)!  A little ribbon provided the perfect finishing detail! 

Thanks for sharing this FAB project, Susan!  The recipients will surely be impressed!  I know I was!

Honorable Mention

We received SO many incredible projects for this month's contest, I just HAD to share some of my favorites with you.  Even though they didn't win the official title, their projects really "wowed" me, and I hope you have the same reaction!

Charlene_austin_2First up is Charlene Austin.  This card just spoke to me!  I could really visualize creating these for my own personal cards this year!  It is so simple, yet elegant.  The ribbon and the way it is tied really add just the right detail.  I love the way that the sentiment balances out the red in the berries and the background paper (rule of "3's" at its best!).  Overall, just a fantastic use of the tree from our Believe set!

Genevieve_cassady_2Here is a project from Genevieve Cassady using Holiday Treats.  She says that this is an altered Prima Flowers bottle!  Isn't that SO fun!  I think the candy she chose is a perfect compliment to her snowflake theme.  Pure genius with the way that she fit the scalloped punch and label stamp on the lid as well.  Just an overall fantastic project!!!

Melanie_muenchingerMelanie Muenchinger created this beautiful recipe book with a combination of Holiday Treats & Believe.  I think one of the best attributes of this project is the way that she adapted all of the sentiments from the set into section dividers for the book.  The colors are so festive too!  (Why don't you go whip up a few of this as gifts containing your favorite recipes!  See, I just gave you an excuse to go use that Bind-it-all you bought a couple month's ago!!!  LOL!)

Melanie_muenchinger_santaMelanie also made this Santa card with Believe.  I love the way she made him holding the "teacup" from Holiday Treats.  (The little poof of "steam is from a Faux Ribbon flourish!  Such a clever gal!).  She said that this project depicts Santa getting all cozy and ready for bed!  I love that!  She paper pieced his little polka dot pajamas, which is a really neat effect with this particular stamp.

Jeanne_turner_2Next is a stunning card from Jeanne Turner.  She paper pieced her Santa as well, but by using a different patterned paper, it has such a different look!  I love the swirls in the paper and how they are a great compliment to the font used for the sentiments in Believe.  The silver embossed dove combined with his glittery beard really add some glam.  Such a unique take from the many vintage looking projects we received utilizing this set!

Shannan_teubner_2 Here is a FAB card created by none other then Shannan Teubner.  I love, LOVE, love the way she created patterned paper with the Holiday Treats sentiments.  The colors are just a slight twist on the traditional red & green, just enough of a twist that it become fresh and new!!!  This project made me wonder what other COOL patterned paper could be made by using some of our more popular sentiments.

Heather_jackmanAnd last but not least, Heather Jackman created this project with the wreaths from our Believe set and the flower pot from Green Thumb.  I thought this was SUCH a clever idea, and talk about thinking outside the box!!!  I love the addition of the velvet ribbon!  That texture in conjunction with the color scheme just seem so rich and sophisticated.  I love that look in a Christmas card!

So those are all the Honorable Mentions from this month's contest!  Do you wanna play this month?  Entries are due by November 13th for projects using either Piece of Cake or Snowflake Serenity stamp sets!  You can read here about all the details!

Honorable Mention

Well this month's search for two Guest Star Stampers was difficult to say the least!  And not because we were lacking for amazing entries!  We received over 450 submissions (honestly, I just stopped counting!), and it was SO tough for me to narrow it down!  The winner for best use of Beautiful Blooms was Melanie Muenchinger (more about her in the next post below!).  And Natasha Trupp was chosen for her outstanding design using Spooky Sweets.  Natasha created the most clever backdrop for her bats by piecing together our Avery label image, stamped in a spectrum of colors (see her project HERE).  This is such a great idea, and something you could use for cards of all occasions and themes, especially since we are offering other varieties of these images now!  Thanks for the great entry, Natasha!

And as always, there are a few additional entries that cannot go unmentioned!  So here are September's Honorable Mentions!


Sherrie_siemensSherrie Seimens used one of the flowers to make breath-taking snowflakes.  Don't you just love that!  As well as a clever concept, I think the colors & design are so peaceful and serene!

Dana_vitek Dana Vitek made this bold & bright picture frame (and her daughter comes close to stealing the show!)  Notice how she punched circular windows through the frame and hung charms made from polyshrink!  I just LOVED that!

Charmaine_ikachCharmaine Ikach paired a really vibrant, unique color-scheme with a fantastic design.  I love the detail of adding two strips of knotted ribbon.

Julie_brooksJulie Brooks color scheme and simplicity on the front of this box just took my breath away.  It just visually speaks to me and it would be so simple to replicate at the same time.  Just beautiful!

Lauren_meader_2Lauren Meader had SEVERAL entries this month, but this one caught my eye the most.  I love the innovative use of pairing Borders & Corners with the Beautiful Blooms set.  I think they really compliment each other nicely in this project!


Jen_ofiana_2Jen Ofiana created this stunning tag project.  I just love how she integrated all the bits & pieces from this set into one project.  The trio of spiders in the middle is so cute too!

Lexi_daly_2Lexi Daly put some googly eyes in the "double o" in spooky!  Isn't that such a fun idea!  I am SO going to do that on some projects I have planned for my children's teachers this year!

Carole_burrage_2Carole Burrage made this Halloween decor for her house using scraps of patterned paper and the pumpkin face images from Spooky Sweets.  I think this would be such a fun project to do with kids!

Next month's contest has already begun!  We will be choosing THREE winners!  The sets we want to see entries made with are:


Holiday Treats

Take a Bough

You have until October 13th! You can read all the details HERE.  We look forward to seeing your submissions!

Melanie Muenchinger

She is our Guest star Stamper this month for her use of Beautiful Blooms.  You can see Melanie's fabulous card HERE, and I know once you see it you'll just have to replicate it!  I just had to give her a special little shout our here amongst the Honorable Mentions.  She submitted over FIFTY projects to this month's contest.  Yes, you read that right, 50!  And they were all of the highest caliber.  I decided to share some here with you that were some of my favorites!  This girl is definitely going places!

Melanie_bold_bright_birthdayHere is one she created with a mixture of bright colors, a variety of blooms all on a clean white backdrop.  Gotta love the simplicity of one layer cards!

Melanie_butterflies For this entry she created butterflies from the leaves contained in our Beautiful Blooms set.  If you were just to look at Melanie's creation you would think that the leaf images were SUPPOSED to be butterfly wings!

Melanie_bandaid Here she used the Avery label stamp from Spooky Sweets to create a Band-aid!  What an adorable get well card!

Melanie_birthday_candlesAnd here she turned the same stamp into birthday candles, and used the leaf images from Beautiful Blooms for the flames!  Genius!

Melanie_christmas_giftThe same Avery label stamp once again, only paired with the flourish image (also from Spooky Sweets) to make a beautiful Christmas gift.  Seriously!  What an impressive idea!

Melanie_pumpkin_bloom And last but not least (and I think this may be one of my favorites) is her card titled "Pumpkin Bloom".  She used the pumpkin from Spooky Sweets, upside down to create a flower.  This is a perfect example of thinking outside the box!  Thanks for all your fantastic entries, Melanie. (All 50 of them!)

Honorable Mention

Last month's Guest Star Stamper contest has concluded and was SO fun!  I received SO many fantastic entries!  It was so inspiring.  The winner was Alli Miles!  Her wedding ensemble literally took my breath away when I first saw it.  And I love how she utilized the borders to create placecards as well.  You can stop by the Ink Pad to see her amazing project, along with all the others from our Design Team!

As always, there were a few other projects that just bowled me over with their use of Borders & Corners.  I wanted to be sure and share them with all of you and pass on the inspiration!  (You can view past month's Honorable Mentions in the "Passion for Papertrey" side bar as well!)

Lexi_daly First up is Lexi Daly.  I just LOVED her custom patterned paper!  The colors are so unique!  And I thought that use of an acetate card was so fitting for the design.  Viewing her entry was like a breath of fresh air!

Lauren_meader_3Lauren Meader created this beautiful pot of flowers with some of the bits & pieces in the Borders & Corners sets.  I love how she incorporated the layering of transparency w/ bold images over watercolored cardstock!  Pure genius!

Joans_cardI loved how Joan Bardee used the rounded square on end and create a beautiful retro-looking backdrop, perfectly framing each of her floral accents.  It got me to thinking that you could do this with any shape.  She was TOTALLY my inspiration for my Spooky Spider Tea Tin.  Thanks Joan!!! (insert me waving!)

Dana_vitekI really enjoyed the simplicity of Dana Vitek's design.  The way the butterfly extends over the border was such a nice touch.  It was very clever on her part to use the same color ink for both the border and solid butterfly base, making there no need for masking!  The colors are totally fab too!   

As a reminder, you have until September 13th to get your entires in for this month's contest.  Your projects can feature either Spooky Sweets or Beautiful Blooms.  You can read all the details HERE.  I look forward to seeing what youall create!

Honorable Mention

Our newest release, Borders & Corners, has entered the stamping world with a bang!  Four of the five new sets we released sold out in the first day because of your overwhelming response!  Not to fear though!  We will have more in stock by the end of July.  Backorders will be shipped first, so if you want to be added to the list, backordering is the way to go.

With a new release comes a NEW Guest Star Stamper!  I am proud to announce this month's winner is Sharon Harnist!  She really used the reverse images from Text Boxed in a new & fresh way that really caught my eye.  You can see her beautiful entry here.

And of course, there are always so mnay entries, I have to share a few of my other favorites as well!

July_gs_erika_hall_2Erika Hall made this breathtaking holiday card!  I love how simple it is, love the colors, love the horizontal orientation.  Love everything!!!

July_gs_julia_stainton Julia Stainton had several entries that were just stunning.  This was my favorite of her projects using Text Boxed.  The soft look of the vellum paired with the textural experience of the dry embossing is such an appealing combination.  Her colors compliment everything as well.  Can you say CASE?!?!?

July_gs_karen_hamon_2 I loved this entry from Karen Haman.  The colors are so fresh for a winter card.  I loved how she put a different spin on the images, making them into snowflakes.  The overall design had a beautiful execution.

July_gs_lauren_meader_3This project by Lauren Meader was hands down my favorite featuring the spiral flower.  I adore how she colored all of the spaces within the flower using a variety of colors.  The piercing was such a great finishing detail as well.

July_gs_julie_campbell Julie Campbell made this fun project by using the reverse image as a beach towel with fun flock.  I thought the sandpaper was a clever touch as well!

Honorable Mention

Trudee Sauer... COME ON DOWN! She has been named Guest Star Stamper this month for her CLEVER use of Little Lady!  I remember the first time I saw her project, I just about fell out of my chair (yeah, it's that good!)  If you haven't seen the fun tulips she created you can go here.  Her step by step tutorial can be found here.  Congratulations, Trudee!

So, from the HUNDREDS of submissions received, I believe I got the message loud and clear that you LOVE Little Lady!  It was seriously a DIFFICULT task to pick just ONE winner! That being said, I had a few favorites that I felt needed some recognition!  So without further ado, here are the Honorable Mentions!

061507_gs_geny_cassady This cute project was created by Geny Cassady.  She used the solid ladybug wings and a few bits and pieces from Green Thumb to create cherries.  (We received a couple projects that used this creative idea, but Geny's design really utilized them best!) I really liked her design and use of pattern in relation to the cherries as well.  Well done.

061507_gs_lisa_bukata Lisa Bukata was able to turn little lady into a bumble bee using Faux Ribbon and a little masking.  I love how bright and cheery the color combination is!  I really appreciate how clean & simple it is as well.

061507_gs_kat_jarosinski Kat Jarosinski made the most BEAUTIFUL iridescent ice wings with vellum to layer over the spotted body of her little ladies.  I just love how pretty this is and the concept could be used with any color combination.

061507_gs_tami_mcbeain Tami McBeain chose an adorable color combination of baby pink and brown.  I really loved how the ladybug's paths cross over seamlessly onto the brown strip at the bottom of the card.  Plus, this is just a beautiful photo!

061507_gs_julie_campbell Julie Campbell turned Little Lady into a fish!  No joke!  At first I was scratching my head, but she has a wonderful tutorial on how to create this fun little guy (and it is much easier than you would think!).

061507_gs_chris_houchins Chris Houchins saw a lucky clover when she looked at the ladybug's solid wings.  She also incorporated Faux Ribbon into her design.

061507_gs_erika_hall We got lots of submissions that turned Little Lady into some sort of flower.  Erika Hall created my favorite version.  I loved her use of color and the overall design was just top notch. The little ladybug sitting on the flower is just to adorable as well!

061507_gs_alli_miles_2 Alli Miles used one of my favorite color combinations, turquoise & black.  She used brads in each of the ladybug's spots (I LOVE the dimension that this added!).  And she stamped the lady bug directly onto a black spot in her patterned paper, talk about easy and no layering!  I just love this card!   

061507_gs_sharon_harnist_2 And last (but not least!) are these super cute flip flops created by Sharon Harnist!  I just love the colors and the ribbon wrapping.  How cute would these be made for the special little girl in your life?!?!

The next contest begins NOW!  We will be accepting submissions that utilize Text Boxed until July 13th, so put your thinking caps on and discover some creative ways to use this set!  Here are a few hints that could help you to be the next Guest Star Stamper!

-photo quality counts.  No matter how good the project, we don't want to feature a photo that is out of focus or has bad lighting in our gallery.

-keep the focus on the key stamp set.  Even if you made THE cutest card from Butterfly Kisses, the current contest if  for projects that exemplify Text Boxed.  Keep that in mind when you are developing your project.

-extra points for being clever.  I like to see a fresh vantage point.  It doesn't have to be anything huge, just some little characteristic that makes your project unique and different from the others.

-the more Papertrey, the better.  I have to admit, if an entry uses patterned paper that they created with our images, it draws a little more attention from me than those that use other manufacturer's paper.  I'm not saying that you CAN'T use designer papers, but rather that it gives you a little bit of an advantage if you create your own.

-Use a Papertrey sentiment stamp.  We have SO many sentiments available, I prefer projects that use one of our sentiment stamps rather than one from another company.

I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful submissions!

Baby onesie gift sets

051907_kims_packaging Kim Schofield recently sent me photos of some projects she had been working on for a craft fair!  I thought these baby onesies were SO adorable, and they would make such a cute baby gift!!!  I asked her to provide me with some details so that you can make your own! 

The small paint cans are from Eclectic Paperie and retail for only $3.99.

She used dye ink for these projects, but she didn't stamp directly on the shirts.  She used iron   on transfer paper, which was purchased at Staples (here's some I found directly from Epson).  She printed the text from her computer (since it has to be reversed) onto the transfer paper.  She then   stamped the image onto the transfer paper, above or below the text, and simply ironed the   designs onto the shirts. You can also use regular SU! Stampin' Write   markers to color on the paper.  She says they do go through the wash just fine after the design is adhered, although the shirts should be washed first before ironing on the   design.

She marketed the set (altered can, t-shirt and handmade card) for $19.95 and says they were VERY popular and she had a fantastic response!  Congratulations on such an adorable project, Kim!  I will be sure to make some of these as gifts in the future!  What a great concept!


Trends are a curious thing.  They come and go, some hang around longer than others. Sometimes trends  have very humble beginnings.  Sometimes a new one is created when a fusion of two popular trends are merged together. 

051607_strawberries The trend I am about to introduce you to was begun by a dear friend of mine, Michelle Howell of Floribunda Designs.  Long ago, we met through a love of stamping.  She has recently followed her dreams and pushed her floral design business ahead with full force.  She then took a chance and decided to COMBINE her two passions, stamping and floral design.  This photo is an example of one of her recent creations using Papertrey's Green Thumb.  Could this not be more stunning?  The colors are so incredibly inviting and it just makes me SO happy.  I can almost taste the sweetness of fresh strawberries on my tongue.  Seeing her arrangement is like being transported into a wonderfully warm summer day! 

051607_monogram_2 Michelle's designs have created quite a buzz in the floral world.  She has had her work photographed for Kentucky Bridal Magazine (photo shown here by Clinton Lewis)and has gained so much attention for her innovative designs.  Her knowledge of all things floral is top notch and her eye for color carries over into both of her crafts.  I am so proud of her for chasing her dream!  You can tell when looking at her work, that she loves what she does, every bit of it, right down to the depths of her soul!!!

One of the main foundations for her new trend are Blumeboxes (used in both of the projects shown here).  She is giving away one free on her blog right now, just for leaving some feedback. Be sure and check it out here, Fresh Floral Art, it is dessert for the eyes!

What are your passions?  Have you married two together to start your own trend?  I would love to hear about it!  Share your story by leaving a comment here!

Honorable Mention!!!

Once again we had SO many AMAZING submissions for this month's Guest Star Stamper contest!  Entries were supposed to incorporate Faux Ribbon in a fun unique way!  Melissa Bickford was awarded with first place for her scrapbook page and the unique flowers she created with the set.  She also created some fun patterned paper to use in her photo mat and to cover chipboard.  Congratulations, Melissa!  Your complimentary Little Lady set is on it's way!!!

Because we had so many great submissions, I couldn't let some of my other favorites go without mention!  Here are they are, in no particular order...

051507_sharon_harnist Sharon Harnist made this BEAUTIFUL mini-book from coasters.  I love how the patterned paper she created backs the reverse heart chipboard.  She even backed a clear button with it.  The colors she chose are just FABULOUS as well.



Heather Jackman was clever and created a pretty plaid with the stripes from Faux Ribbon.  I love how she also created a wreath with bits and pieces from Green Thumb.  It's never too early to be thinking about Christmas!

051507_emily_gunnel_2 I love how Emily Gunnel inked the dotted stripe stamp with two colors and adapted it to be a butterfly trail!  This is such a bold, clean project.  I really enjoyed looking at all the details and coordination here.

051507_michelle_wooderson_2 Michelle Wooderson made this elegant card with fun touches created with Faux Ribbon.  I really liked the way she bent the scalloped stamp to follow the curve of her circle accent.  This is just so pretty and composed SO incredibly well.

051507_erika_hall_2 And Erika Hall created this bold, modern project.  I love how she incorporated the square slider on a piece of "faux black ribbon".  Nice, clean & simple.  This project would make a great sketch to utilize over and over again!

So thanks again to everyone's amazing submissions!  This month's Guest Star Stamper contest will be for projects utilizing Little Lady!  The prize will be a special feature in our Ink Pad gallery and a complimentary copy of the new set being released on June 15th!  (Which you will LOVE by the way!  It is one of my very favorites so far!!!)  Happy Stamping!!!

Lil' Stamper...

Faith_montgomerys_card_2 I recieved the most wonderful email from little 8 year-old Faith Montgomery a few weeks ago.  She thought that there ought to be a water droplet stamp in the Green Thumb collection so she could make the watering can "water".  I challenged her to get creative and see what she could come up with.  To my surprise, I got the most BEAUTIFUL card emailed to me today along with a very clever solution to her quandary.  She used the small leaf stamp and colored in the "vein" with a marker to change the image into a water droplet.  I was so impressed at both her talent and creativity, I promised I would display her artwork on my blog.  Way to go, Faith!  I'm so proud of you!

Honorable Mention

Head over to Papertrey's website if you haven't yet seen the winners of our Guest Star Stamper contest!  Heather Jackman created an amazing background by looking at Green Thumb a little differently.  And Jen Stevenson made a fun butterfly "trail" using one of the sentiments from Butterfly Kisses!  Congratulations girls!  Your FREE Faux Ribbon sets should be arriving shortly!  We got so many fantastic entries for the Guest Star Stamper contest this month, I thought I would give a few artists an "Honorable Mention".


041607_michelle_giraud Michelle Giraud really caught my attention with the way she created an interactive grasshopper element.  He is mounted on wire and looks like he can be quite active when poked or prodded!  What a fun accent for a child's birthday card They would LOVE that!

041607_emily_gunnel_2 Emily Gunnel created this beautiful "wisteria" card.  The detail and dimension is amazing!  And it was one of the most creative floral projects we received using this set.

041607_lexi_daly Lexi Daly maximized her creativity by creating an "old-school" green berry basket for her strawberries to reside in.  Isn't that fun?!?!  And it reminds me that summer is just around the corner!

041607_julie_masse Julie Masse caught my eye with her unique use of the strawberry stamps.  The way she made it appear that they were still on the vine and climbing from the corner of the card was just so fresh!

041607_kirsten_dubosque Kirsten DuBosque made  a sweet pea card that featured a combination of  a unique color scheme and eye-catching arrangement of peas.  I love how she pulled all of the colors from the ribbon she chose.  Brilliant!


041607_alli_miles_2 Alli Miles made this super cute journal with matching pen.  I love how she created small butterfly "charms" from polyshrink and attached them to both the notebook spine & pen. You go girl!

041607_teresa_shaw Teresa Shaw made a butterfly appear as though it was flight in this clever design.  She simply folded it in half to get this really amazing effect.

41607_sharon_harnist_2 Sharon Harnist's entry just took my breath away with it's beautiful color palette and detail.  I love how she inked the bottom and top of the wings using two different colors.

041607_adelina_starace_2 Adelina Starace made these beautiful transparent butterflies.  They appear as thought they are caught in mid-flight!  Beautiful detailing!

041607_bethany_paull_2 Bethany Paull came up with this really amazing technique for the solid butterfly in this set.  She heat embossed it in clear onto patterned paper.  While it was pliable, she manipulated the wings to appear as though it was in flight.  What a great concept that could be used with so many different papers for a variety of looks!

041607_meli_mitchell Meli Mitchell was REALLY creative and made a flower by layering butterfly wings! Now THAT is what I call thinking outside of the box!

We received over 550 submissions for this month's contest and it WAS so hard to chose a winner!  There were SO many beautiful cards!  Thank-you to everyone who submitted!   This month's contest is calling for projects created with Faux Ribbon and entries are due by May 13th.  For those of you  who did not get your set ordered before we sold out ( so sorry guys!  You overwhelmed us with your interest compared to previous releases and we weren't prepared!!!), we are hoping to have it back in stock in approx. 2 weeks.  If ordered then, you should still receive it in time to play for at least a couple days and send in your entry!  Thanks again!

Passion for Papertrey

Check out what Julie Masse did with her Green Thumb set on her project here.  She used one of the flower stems as a handle to turn the flower pot into a bucket!  So clever!  Bravo, Julie!

I am going to start a new category in the column to the left entitled, Passion for Papertrey.  Whenever I find cool interpretations, like Julie's above, I will post and categorize them there.  That way you can use it as a reference when you're in need of some inspiration!