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I'm obsessed with windows also! Love yours. The only problem I'm seeing with the house is that it takes your time away from PTI. (chuckle) Enjoy!

WOW!! How cool with the windows going in! Enjoying your journey! Thanks for sharing!

I read that book too when we were designing our house! I so wanted to create an "old" house with new bones and it looks like you want to do the same. The windows look great! We went with 6 over 1 double hung windows with wood interiors. As cool as they look I'm not a big fan of cleaning them. Ugh!

I love windows as well. Yours are beautiful. I like lots of natural light. I lived for several years in the middle of a heavily wooded area and said after moving that future homes would never be in a dark area like that again! I really love your porch - the roof on it really adds to it.

Oh, wow, these guys are on the ball - it's coming along nicely! The windows are beautiful! Love that screened porch! Maybe I should show it to my husband - we have a deck that I want to turn into a screened porch or at least a pergola! What is your projected move-in date?

WOW...I thought when you said they would have you in by Oct..is she dreamin'?? But.....by gummies, you will be in!! I just love checking this out ea day (pathetic huh?) Love the windows too....
waitin for the next post!!!

Oh, so beautiful! I love the windows as they do add a touch of charm but definitely do not take from the "breath taking" views! I think the entire house is coming along so beautifully! The contractors definitely have coordinated the details. Your planning and attention to detail is right on. Thanks for keeping us all informed! It is so fun to see the progress along with your excitement!

Really enjoying watching the progress and I LOVE the light your great room gets! Windows are gorgeous and you are so blessed - Looking forward to continuing to follow along :)

The whole thing is moving so fast.You must be super excited

EEEEK! I haven't checked in in over a month, and I come back to this stream of fantabulous posts!! Things are coming along so well! EXCITING!!!!

Oh my goodness, I haven't been here for so long I hadn't seen any of the building stage. It's a truly magnificent house Nichole!

Haven't checked in for a while but now that I have I am in utter awe! This house is more beautiful than I had firstly imagined with the plans all that time ago! I can not wait for the final showing! It is also great that it is coming along so quickly for you and the family!

We have not heard from you and the progress of your home. I hope that all is well. I know that you were busy with the release. Are the doors in? Is the drywall up? I am so eager to see the progress. This home has been so amazing to see from the ground up. I am so happy that you have shared this all with us!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!!! I look through the photos and make sure that I understand what everything is just like I will be moving in, LOL. This is sooooooo much fun for me. I am very happy for you and the family. God Bless you all and your home.

Thank you for sharing good articles, posts and more are waiting.I will read another time.

The house looked like it was coming along nicely here. I looked at the more recent posts, and I must say, your house is splendid! The blue roof complements the color of your sidings perfectly! And I love that you have a lot of windows in the house. The light that floods into your home gives the space a warm and heavenly atmosphere. It also helps you save on electricity bills, right?

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